Group members

Principal Investigator

Prof. Tao Yao(姚涛)

Tao Yao, Professor of University of Science and Technology of China and PI of the group of ' Synchrotron Radiation and Energy Material '. Yao received his PhD degree in National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, University of Science and Technology of China in 2011. He has published more than 100 SCI papers in high-impact journals, including: Nature, Nature Catalysis, Nature Communications, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., which have been cited more than 3500 times. Prof. Yao received Excellent Youth Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (2014), National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars(2020) and is member of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2015). Prof. Yao undertakes the 'Fourteenth Five-Year' National Key R&D Program 'Frontier Research of Large Scientific Devices' key project 'multi-scale in situ synchrotron radiation research platform for key catalytic processes of hydrogen energy' as project leader (2021YFA1600800), 2022-2026.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Tao Ding(丁韬)

Linlin Cao(曹林林)

Wei Zhang(张伟)

Xiaokang Liu(刘潇康)Xinyi Shen(沈心怡)

Ph.D. Students:

Tong Liu(刘统)Zhiguo Sun(孙志国)Dong Liu(刘栋) 
Dan Wu(吴丹)Zihang Chen(陈子杭)Huijuan Zhang(张慧娟)
Airong Xu(许爱荣)Wenzhi Li(李文之)

 Xue Zhang(张雪) 

Yuxin Luo(骆雨欣)

M.S. Students:

Hui Huang(黄辉)Haitao Zeng(曾海涛)Sicheng Li(李思成)

Lingling Zhang(张灵灵)
Minyuan Tan(檀敏园)Yudan Chen(陈雨丹)

Shuaiwei Jiang(蒋帅威)Longfei Hu(胡龙飞)Yuanhua Sun(孙远华)

Yiying Li(李奕莹)
Mengyuan Liu(刘梦圆)Tiantian Li(李甜甜)

Graduated. Students:                  

Wei Liu(刘炜)

Yuanjie Cao(曹元杰)

Xiaoli Mou(牟晓莉)

Shi Fang(方师)

Danhao Wang(汪丹浩)

 Peng He(何鹏)

Meng Gu(顾萌)Cheng Chen(陈成) Tao  Chen(陈涛)
 Lan Wang(王兰)SicongWang(汪思聪)Beibei Pang(庞贝贝)

Group Activities

2018.1.23 Yao group photo

2019.9.4 Yao group photo

2020.1.4 Yao group photo

2020.1.4 Yao group photo

2020.8.5 Home party

2020.8.5 Home party

2020.8.5 Home party

2020.8.5 Home party

2020.11.14 Barbecue

2020.11.14 Barbecue

2020.11.14 Barbecue

2020.11.14 Outdoor picnic

2020.11.14 Lunch

2020.11.14 Outdoor picnic

2020.11.14 Play cards

2020.11.14 Werewolf

2020.11.14 Play games

2020.11.14 Swing

2020.11.14 Play games

2020.11.14 Boating

2023.09.15 Team race2023.09.15 Play frisbee

2023.09.15 Birthday celebration2023.09.15 Play cards

2024.01.29 Finger guessing game2024.01.29 Sing

2024.01.29 Dance2024.01.29 Lottery draw